Buckwheat Seeds

The company is well known as one of the dependable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Buckwheat Seeds. The Buckwheat Seeds, offered by the company, are quality Agro Seeds required by Food processing, Beverage and Healthcare industries. The company offers the damage free Buckwheat Seeds cleaned to over 99% purity at reasonable prices. Buckwheat Seeds are neither cereals nor grains, and are gluten free seeds having no relation to wheat. The triangular shaped Buckwheat Seeds known as Buckwheat Groats, are used as the flour in noodles, crepes and many other gluten free products.

Details Of Buckwheat Seeds
  • Derived from the seeds of a flowering plant
  • Available in bold and small sizes
  • Raw buckwheat with and without kernels

Packaging : Packaged in 25 and 50 kg jute and PP bags as well as bulk containers or as per the client̢۪s needs

Technical Specifications

Nutrient Amount DV (%) Nutrient Density World's Healthiest Foods Rating
Manganese 0.68 mg 34.0 4.0 Very good
Tryptophan 0.08 g 25.0 2.9 Good
Magnesium 85.68 mg 21.4 2.5 Good
Fiber 4.54 g 18.2 2.1 Good
Copper 0.25 mg 12.5 1.5 Good
Note : 1.00 cup = 168.00 grams = 154.56 calories

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